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Functionals Wood Air

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Functionals Wood Air
Functionals Wood Air
Functionals Wood Air
Functionals Wood Air
Functionals Wood Air

Boris Berlin of design studio ISKOS–BERLIN says the objective of Wood Air was to create a table that was “simple, archetypal, and friendly.” With its clean form, generous dimensions, and the warmth of wood, this table couldn’t be more inviting. Use it as a dining table and prepare for long, leisurely meals. Put it in a conference room and it will inspire lively meetings. Settle in and enjoy the conversation.


Need to move the Wood Air to a new spot? No problem. Compared to a solid wood table, it easy to lift; two people can carry it without much effort. How could such a sturdy table be relatively light? The legs are hollow cylinders of laminated molded veneer and the core of the top is made of lightweight plywood. Because of the rigidity of the table’s core material, we can offer Wood Air in three sizes. Even the smallest version seats six people comfortably

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  • Breite180 cm | 240 cm | 300 cm
  • Tiefe110 cm | 120 cm
  • Höhe74 cm
  • MaterialEiche | Aluminium
  • FarbeBraun
  • FormRechteckig
  • Stapelbar / nicht stapelbarNicht stapelbar
  • AusziehbarNein
  • FaltbarNein
  • RollbarNein
  • Anwendbar im AuβenbereichNicht anwendbar
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Functionals Wood Air
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